Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare – the university opened by the people and the community.

This university was established out of the inspiration and ideas of many people. Contributions, including from Kumamoto Prefecture and Tamana City, two former cities, ten former towns, the donations of many people, and, in addition, the enthusiastic movement of the local community bore fruit, so that a “mixed public-and-private” university could be established.
That’s why I think this university always wants to remain as a university opened by the local community. So, asking the local community people to use the facilities of the university, including the library, is a natural thing and, in addition to that, we think that it is the mission of an open university to be also useful as a place for lifelong study through open courses. We would like to ask our students, coming from all over the country, to put their study into practice at Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare by benefiting from their many new encounters and contacts.

The University’s Founding Principles

Modern people are demanding reflection on the principles of medical care. The principles of medical care don’t only include recovering from disease, but also taking hold of it in daily life, going through it, overcoming it, and making sure to lead a healthy life in order not to become sick in future. These principles constitute a well-balanced set of proposals. In other words, people hope that medical care will assist their becoming sound physically and mentally after they leave the medical care facility and return to their daily lives. Needless to say, the core of such assistance is nursing and social welfare for social life, that is, health care, medical care and social welfare. Here is where health care, medical care and social welfare meet and we need to put these fields into one integrated activity.
The establishment of Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare was designed to respond to the desire of people who lead such lives and its goal is to educate people who have human knowledge and ability and are able to undertake research in health care, medical care, and social welfare.
This university was founded in a place located at the heart of Kyushu, in the most adequate area to spread our educational and research activities to all areas of the island. Therefore, we can gather people from every part of Kyushu and at the same time be a strategic point to educate professionals. Doing so, our university can be a center that develops education and research activities in health care, medical care and social welfare. Established in this region, our university contributes to the health care, medical care and social welfare of the people of the community of Johoku, Kumamoto Prefecture. Besides that, our university illuminates new directions in health care, medical care and social welfare to our country. Consequently, we aim to open up new views.
In this manner, while our university, in regard of its education and research, performs activities in well-balanced health care, medical care and social welfare, our goal is to reach all areas of Kyushu and beyond to the whole country with such activities. This is the philosophy of the foundation of our university.

Our Philosophy -3 Basic Principles

  • A university that grows together with the community
  • A university that provides lifelong education
  • A university that learns with neighboring countries

Five Educational Policies

  1. Cultivate human richness of spirit and cultivate minds that respect the individuality of people.
  2. Establish and guarantee the confidence between the patient or client and the medical specialist.
  3. Provide students with logical and interdisciplinary thinking and cultivate adequate and, at the same time flexible, abilities of judgment and analysis.
  4. Be known in the international scenario, and besides cultivating the abilities of collecting and spreading new information, provide students with the ability of performing creative and enthusiastic activities as well as activities of information acquisition based on international perception.
  5. Increase the level of knowledge and technology related to health care, medical care and social welfare.

The Structure of the Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare

Faculty of Nursing and WelfareFaculty of Nursing and Welfare

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