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Internet Radio Links
To listen to these you will need to use Real Player, however this can be down loaded from: Real Audio for free.
This page provides a very useful internet radio and TV study resource. Here it is possible to tune into programmes from basic to advanced learning levels. This link will take you to the BBC Enlish study homepage. Here you can choose which best suits your needs. To listen you will need to have Real Player installed.
BBC World Service provides a wide range of programming, with news programmes broadcast on the our and on the half our. The news programmes aid in language study for a number of reasons: The describe current affairs, the news reports are repeated - thus if there was a problem hearing some pronunciation the first time there is opportunity to listen again - they are very useful for keeping up with current language usage and new vocabulary as it appears. These provide a number of reasons for why this is a good study resource for improving hearing skills and vocabulary. (This station may be considered as an aural window on the world.)
This channel is a perfect resource for UK domestic news. In addtion there are various drama, arts programmes, documentaries, and daily book readings. There are also many other very interesting prgranmming to listen to. Whatever your intersts, you will find a programme here that will meet them. What better way to improve language skills than to listen to programmes on your interests.
This provides an excellent range of classical music programming with the minimum of chat in between In additions there are a wide variety of art music, jazz and other music, as well as occasional news programmes, to listen to here. Please enjoy.