English Conversation Test Handout 04:


(Submission Date– First Class of January 2003.)






Test Handout 04 (For Classes C, D, E, & F Only.)

(Submission Date – First Class of January 2003.) 


Students: If you have any questions about this test handout, email them to Test 04 Question? Mark the subject line: Test 04 Question. (Answers to questions can be found here: Student's questions answered.)


This is a writing and speaking conversation test. Please choose one of the topics below and write a conversation on that topic. You can make groups and complete the writing in groups. You will need to submit complete copies of the conversation for each member of the group and one extra for me, with the names and number of each member of your group written on the top. The extra copy will be kept by me, the others will be corrected and returned to you.


A. You must write a minimum of 100 words for each group member.

B. Each member must speak a minimum of 90 words and a maximum of 110 words. There has to be a speaking balance among students.

C. You must be finished writing before the first class of 2003. (If you have not finished by then you will be required to do extra work.)


This is a speaking test, you will need to act out your conversation. You must plan the movements of the people, their face expression, their tone of voice, the loudness or softness of their voice for the conversation, etc. You must decide if they speak with an angry, sad or happy voice, for example. You decide and plan all of these thing in advance to show you understand the conversation. Speaking like a vending machine will not bring you your best grade.


For your groupconversation, you need to use at least 8 of the phrases from table 1 below in your conversation. You must use each phrase as it was explained for the meaning used in the handouts.


Table 1. The Phrase and Words to be Used, Mostly from Handouts 7 – 9.


mixed up in

this sounds crazy

up to no good

Suppose I...

can I look you up again?

What the devil!

pinning things on

sound peculiar

get to the bottom of

I'lll straighten out

come to the point

this is very clever


keep this to yourself

were intimate with

in a position to help you

got everything upside down

won't do you much good

A man must live.

How goes...

What's the matter?

I can't help blaming myself

Need we go through it all again?

she/he has been around

goes out

used to look in

What's the hurry?

sneak out

Hold on!

I thought something had happened to you.

Remember, these phrases do not add to the word count in your conversation.


Note, these phrases do not count in your word total. Also, people's names do not count among the number of words either. For example, if you write a conversation part as: Mr Popescu: "Baron Kurtz, hold on! Don't you tell me that I have got everything upside down!" That does not count as 14 words, that counts as 7 words (Don't you tell me that I have = 7 words). Baron Kurtz is not counted and 'got everything upside down' does not count either.


To write the conversations, use your imagination and the information you have gotten from the handouts and watching the film to handout 9. You can write anything you want, but what you write must be about what has happened in the film that you have worked on and seen. You can also write about what you think will happen next to these people in the film. Everything you write must agree with what you have seen in the film and studied in the class. You cannot say that Holly was a Russian police man, for example, because it is impossible for the story. This does not agree with anything we know about Holly.


Conversation Topics:


1.    After speaking with Holly in the Casanova Club, Mr Popescu telephones to Baron Kurtz and Dr. Winkel. He tells them someone they all know will meet them on the bridge. He also tells them the time they will meet.

The four men meet on the bridge in a chilly morning, and they talk together. Write a conversation about what these men talk about on the bridge. Write 400 words for these four men. Write a conversation for Mr Popescu, Baron Kurtz, Dr. Winkel and this man.


(a)    First decide who this fourth man might be,

(b)    Second, think about and decide what they talk about.

(c)    Third, write a conversation for all four men.


2.    Anna and Holly go to the Casanova Club. There they sit alone at a table, have a drink and talk. Holly asks her about Harry Lime and what she knows about him. He tells her what Major Calloway told him about Harry, that he was mixed up in racketeering. He asks her if this is true. Write a conversation using what you know about these three people. What do you think Anna knew about Harry Lime and what he was doing? Do you think Anna knew nothing of what Harry Lime was doing? Do you think Anna was part of Harry Lime's group of racketeers? Do you think Anna knew nothing and is completely innocent? You decide and you write a conversation of 200 words.


3.    After speaking to the porter, at the beginning of Handout 9, the porter closes the window. When he turns round there is someone looking at him He looks worried, he looks concerned. Using what you know about the film up to this point from the handouts, who did he see? Why were they there? What did they talk about? What happened next? Write a conversation for two people of 200 words, the porter and the other person. (There can be three or morepeople there, but only two people talk.) This can be another person already seen in the film, you decide who it was, using your knowledge of the story.


4.    Write a conversation for 2 people (200 words). Like you they have been watching the film and studying in the class. Their names are Alex and Pat (These can be either male or female names, they are the same as the group you make.) These two talk about the people in the film, choose four people from the film (choose from, Holly Martin, Anna, Harry Lime, Baron Kurtz, Mr. Popescu the Third Man, Major Calloway, and Sargeant Paine). You can talk about what kind of person you think they are by using information from the film. You talk about what they did and what you think they will do. Discuss what kind of person you think each of these people are. (It will help you to write if you disagree among yourselves about what you think of these four people. You can write for an argument, if you want.)


5.    You can make a topic different from topics 1 - 4. You can choose and plan your own topic. You can make a new topic for a group of one, two or three people. Note: to choose this, topic 5, you must come and see me in my office before 24 December 2002. That is the last date for creating your own, new topic.




1.    This must be finished before your first class of 2003.

2.    You must write a minimum of 100 words per student.

3.    You must submit one extra copy of the final written conversation, with the names and numbers of each student clearly written on the paper. (That means that you need one full copy of the conversation for each student in your group and one extra copy for me to keep. If there are two members of your group you will need three copies of the complete conversation, for example.)

4.    Any copying of work of other groups of students will be instantly rejected and all of the studenst will automatically fail the class. This is called cheating. So do not copy the work of your friends in the class and do not copy the work from friends in other classes. This will be checked. It is not an acceptable excuse if you tell me that this is your original work and that your friends copied it from you. Both groups of students will fail if there is copied work. Thus, do not allow anyone to copy your group's work.



(Submission Week – First class of 2003.)


Students: If you have any questions about this test handout, email them to Test 04 Question? Mark subject line: Test 04 Question. (Answers to questions can be found here: Student's questions answered.)